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  1. Property Aquisition
    We understand that purchasing a second home or investment abroad might seem daunting. That's why we are here to handle every aspect of the transaction, guiding you through the buying process, helping you to set up all the necessary paperwork through to completion. We make sure you understand the jargon used in American property transactions, welcoming you to come out and inspect our properties for yourself. A full report on the property will be provided for you should this not be possible.
  2. Property Report
    Repairs and advisories are reported on all of our properties, with estimates for necessary works, ensuring the best return for your investment. Our tenants are fully vetted prior to being offered a tenancy.
  3. Services
    Our services fall into five categories: buying; selling; letting; refurbishment, and building. Our brief is to work around your needs, helping you to achieve your goal. Whatever your budget, we are here to action a plan to suit you. As part of your package we will help to ensure all your service bills and property taxes are met on time. We can provide you with a competitive insurance quote to protect your asset in the U.S.A. Our promise to you is that we think of everything for you dotting the I's and crossing the T's.
  4. Consulting
    Our team is made up of professionals here to help and reassure you. We understand how important it is to protect your investment. Our team is able to handle any situation that may arise without causing a drama.
  5. Types Of Deeds
    There are five different types of deed. It is important to know the difference. A Warranty deed guarantees that the property is unencumbered. A Special Warranty deed is used in conjunction with commercial property and residential sales. The seller guarantees the property is debt free. A Quit Claim deed is used to transfer property between family members or in a divorce. The grantor of the deed makes no guarantees of the safety of the deed. Tax sales often use this particular type of deed. A Bargain & Sale deed is similar to a Quit Claim deed, however the property is sold rather than being relinquished.
  6. Design Advice
    We pride ourselves on the finished look. With a fundamental balance between the colour palette and taste. The first impression is always so important, whether it's a kitchen; bathroom; living room or landscape, we will work with you to bring your dreams into the living world and achieve your objectives.
Interior Design
It is more than just a home.